Your video can go viral if you do this.

Last year I posted a little video talking to my son about getting bullied at school because he was growing out his hair to donate it. I wasn’t trying to go viral. In fact, I didn’t think anyone would see it besides a few friends on Facebook.

A year later, that video has over 100 million views world-wide.

I’ve met other viral video stars and noticed some common threads all of us have in common. If you incorporate a few of these concepts into your marketing videos, you’ll have a better chance at going viral.

Tip 1: You’re not the hero of your story

In my video, I was just listening and guiding my son through a difficult situation. I didn’t want to solve the problem for him, I wanted to help him discover the strength he had to get through it himself.

The best example I’ve seen of this is from Diamond Dallas Page. He helped a young Vet get his life back through yoga and bodywork. You know what’s missing from the video? A sales pitch. The video is literally just the story of his client.

The point here is this. Your clients and customers are the hero. Make them front and center in your marketing videos. You don’t need the cheesy sales pitch or call to action. Trust in your customer’s intelligence and you’ll have a customer for life.

Tip 2: Inspire your audience

Dove makes beauty products. The traditional marketing logic says, show customers a problem and how your product solves it. In the beauty industry, that means make your customer feel bad and show them your product is the answer.

Dove went the opposite direction, and it’s beautiful. They made the choice to show customers how beautiful they are naturally. Not only was it a bold move it was a huge lift to their brand. Celebrate your customers and you’ll always win.

Check it out. Grab a tissue first though.

Tip 3: Make me laugh

One of the most popular viral videos in the last few years was Chewbacca mom. She finds a mask that makes the Chewbacca voice play when you open the mouth.

She buys it and immediately tries it on in the parking lot and can’t stop laughing. Watch the video and you’ll smile. Keep watching and you’ll laugh along with her. It’s a moment of pure joy and we love her for it.

The secret here is there’s no punchline. The easy way to tell a joke is to make something or someone the punchline. The successful way to make a funny video is to make something funny without a “burn” at the end. Everyone wins and everyone can relate. Everyone lands as the hero.

Now, it’s your turn.

There you have it. It sounds so simple, but it’s effective.

  • Make the customer the hero
  • Touch on our emotions
  • Make us laugh
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