Using Instagram and Planoly to build personal brand

Instagram was always a chore for me. I love the platform, but what do you do when you’re kinda boring like me? Taking advantage of social media is the cornerstone of building your personal brand in today’s landscape. In fact, writing articles and sharing them on Twitter, or posting blog posts on LinkedIn are second nature to most of us.

For me, Instagram was always the most difficult network to use. I’m fairly basic. I’m a dad. I work all day. I get home and help around the house after work, and that’s about it. What I’m saying is, my Instagram is, well, boring.

Look at me brushing my teeth. Here I am driving to work. Now, I’m at my desk. Oh, I’m eating lunch now. Look how interesting common core math homework is. Here I am tucking in the kids before bed. This is another picture of me binge watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. That’s a normal day in my life. Not visually interesting right?

Then, I spoke at a marketing conference and found Planoly. It’s a free app/desktop combo that lets you find interesting pictures and posts from others to share on your Instagram feed.'s calendar layout’s calendar layout

Planoly uses a calendar layout so you can visualize your Instagram content on a calendar. Gone are the days of random updates that don’t tell a cohesive story.

Now, I plan my posts a week in advance with pictures from my phone, posts from others, and I can visually plan how my feed will look to visitors in advance. The beauty of Planoly for Instagram is that everything happens behind the scenes and when it’s time to publish an update, the mobile app gives me a notification. I click a few buttons and new posts magically appear. It’s beautiful.

Planoly Discover changes Instagram

When I found the Discover tab on Planoly, it changed everything for me.

By clicking Discover, Planoly finds posts from other users on Instagram that tagged their own photos with a hashtag you typed into the discover search box. A treasure trove of content appears and you can repost *with credit to OP, content that matches your personal brand.

Here is the result of searching HUMVEE into the Discover search box.
Here is the result of searching HUMVEE into the Discover search box.

Does Planoly completely automate your Instagram and set it on cruise control? No. It shouldn’t. What it does is allow you to consider your overall Instagram feed and make sure it looks “on-brand” for you, and it allows you to find fantastic content to sprinkle into your own feed when you need it.

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