Use Canva to boost engagement

Canva changed my social media game

I’m a huge fan of graphic design. Good graphic design. I am so nerdy about it that I even have a tattoo of the Photoshop toolbar tattooed on my arm. Yup, I’m THAT much of a fan. So when I tell you that I love Canva, it says a lot.

Not long ago, if I wanted to make an image for my social networks, I would set aside about thirty minutes to create something decent. It wasn’t something I had time to do for every post.

  • Take a picture
  • Transfer picture from my phone to my computer
  • Design something from scratch
  • Find the right font
  • Adjust the colors

You get the point.

Canva changed how I share images

Enter the age of social media and we all live our lives online and share our experiences with everyone. Suddenly, lunch became a photo session. We share pictures of food and people love it.

My feed was boring. I’m not that interesting. I wake up, go to work, come home, gym (maybe) and hang out with my family. Not all that engaging. I once shared a picture of the inside of my Jeep on Instagram because I was proud that I cleaned out the old Starbucks cups I collected on my commute for a week.

I was thinking Instagram wasn’t for me. I needed something to spice up my IG and Twitter feeds.

Then, I found Canva.

It’s all the good stuff I quickly do in Photoshop, only easier. It goes something like this:

  • Pick a pre-designed layout
  • Change the background (if you want to)
  • Edit some text
  • Publish to your social media.

Enjoy instant well-designed posts in minutes.

Which one of these is more interesting?

I’ve used the desktop version of Canva for awhile and I’ve noticed it’s lifted my Twitter game almost over night. People are more likely to click on a tweet if it has a picture. It’s human nature.

I recently found the Canva app for my iPhone and my Instagram game has shot through the roof. Good bye random selfies and hello new friends and followers.

Below is my most recent Instagram nine-box. The post in the middle was made with Canva. It has twice the likes that any of the other images I posted. It works my friends.

If you want to give it a shot, it’s a free download for both desktop and mobile. Visit and tell me what you think.

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