.NYC is a domain just for New Yorkers

libertythumbWhen I heard I was going to New York City for a business trip, I immediately dug my old Wu-Tang and L.L.Cool J CDs out of boxes to get a feel for the NYC vibe. Crossing the bridge from Queens into Manhattan left me speechless. Like that time I was invited to a friend’s birthday party in fifth grade. They had a swimming pool with a waterfall and a pool slide. All we had at my house was a hose and a slip ‘n slide. I honestly felt lucky to be there.

A lot of people feel the same way about the Big Apple. There really isn’t any place like it anywhere else in the world. And the new .nyc domain extension is as unique as the people, history, food, and energy of its namesake.

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  1. I want to move to NYC and have an .nyc domain.

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