Musterbrand scarf review

Musterbrand Star Wars scarf review

Musterbrand Imperial Scarf Review

I’m excited to tell you about my Musterbrand Imperial Scarf. I love this thing. I’ll be honest, I suck at fashion. I’m 44 years old and this is the first year I’ve started exploring how clothes can make me feel good. I grew up doing extreme sports stuff on my BMX bike so I’ve always picked clothes based on function rather than style. I have tattoos from my neck to my knuckles so dressing up always felt pointless to me. That was until I found scarfs.

My boss turned me onto them because he would rock some jeans and a t-shirt paired with a scarf. He looked cool and comfortable, and the scarf tied the look together. It just looked legit.

I started grabbing scarfs from those big chain stores to try them out and was surprised at how a simple accessory could make me feel better about how I looked. Now, here comes the twist.

I like Star Wars. I really like it actually. I was casually checking my Twitter feed when I saw an article about Musterbrand and how they’re making high fashion garments with the Star Wars license. I’ve seen brands try this before and fail horribly. I was skeptical. I expected to see some basic jackets with Star Wars logos screen printed on them or something similar. I checked out their site and was hooked.

Musterbrand gets it. They just get it.

I scrolled through their jackets and got a sense for what they were doing. They produce garments INSPIRED by movies and video games we all know and love. I clicked over to see their accessories and found the scarfs. I literally grabbed my credit card while I waited for the scarf images to load.

This was everything I was looking for in a scarf. It’s big, it has long flowing lines, and it’s interesting to look at. They solved my biggest problem with trying to update my look and style. I wanted to dress better, but I didn’t know how to do it. I had no idea where to go to find cool clothes from a brand that understands me. Musterbrand made it easy.

A few clicks later, I tweeted about it:

Tweet about Musterbrand

I was that excited about getting this Musterbrand scarf, that I had to tweet about it. That’s rare for me.

A few days later, the box was waiting for me when I got home. I tore into that thing and was so happy that Musterbrand delivered on everything they promised. My scarf was exactly what I thought it would be. I wanted a large triangle scarf and this thing is big.

I have a hard time buying clothes because I’m a big guy. I’m 6’0 and 240lbs. I love lifting weights so as a result, I’m thick through the neck and shoulders – a bad combo for most scarfs. Musterbrand was different. The Imperial Scarf hangs nice and low and gives me the same flow lines and accents that I saw from the model on their site.

The scarf has a nice texture and weight to it, but it’s comfy enough to wear inside all day. This is a big deal because I live in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s hot here. The Imperial Scarf is something I can see wearing all year when I need to dress up a casual look or if I’m trying to impress at a work event.

The styling is amazing

The thing that makes this scarf perfect are the accents. It’s a Star Wars scarf, but you wouldn’t know it unless you got close enough to see the subtle rubber Imperial Cog cog sewn onto the bottom of the “V”. They also added some strings placed around the edges that add more lines and flow to the garment.

I’ve wore this thing a few times now and twice I’ve had other men complement me on it and ask where I got it. Think about that for a moment. When was the last time someone stopped you and asked about a piece of clothing you were wearing? It’s definitely new to me.

I’ve been checking out their other scarf offerings and I’m deciding on what to get next. That’s the beauty of what Musterbrand does with style. Even if I’m not familiar with the video game or movie in the collection, they still have great looking pieces.

The Recap

Musterbrand makes great looking clothes that nerds like myself can wear while representing the games and movies we love. You don’t need to look like a poster child for Hot Topic to show the world you love a popular movie or game franchise. You can rep your love for Star Wars without looking like a 16 year old living in your parents basement.

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