Musterbrand Jyn’s Jacket Review

It’s no secret that I’m all in on Musterbrand’s Star Wars clothing line. If you’re looking for stylish clothes with a Star Wars vibe, you’ll fall in love too.

I recently purchased and reviewed the Musterbrand Imperial Scarf and used some friends from work to help model it for my review. A month later, I’m walking through the break room at work and I hear, “Isaac, check this out!”. I look in the direction of the comment and see a friend and shes gesturing to her new jacket.

I look closer and immediately get jealous. She saw the review and went online and fell in love with the Limited Edition Star Wars Jyn’s Jacket from Musterbrand. She ran over and started showing me all the cool details about the coat. I can’t lie, it’s amazing. The sewn piping on the left sleeve add subtle, but very recognizable nods to the costume design themes we see in Rogue One. Then she turns and shows off the Rogue One patch on the right sleeve. Again, subtle but easy to identify.

The fit was great. and the closures were interesting to look at. Zipper covered by a velcro flap adds a unique look and breaks up the lines on the garment. In real-world terms – It just looks rad.

The inside of the coat has just as much attention to detail. A screened print spelling REBEL decorates the inside of the coat as well as a metal tag with a unique number etched on it because its part of Musterbrand’s Limited Edition line of Star Wars apparel.

Overall, I’d recommend the coat. If you’re looking for an interesting jacket, you’ll love this thing. If you’re a Star Wars fan and you’re looking for a jacket that looks like it was taken off the set of the movie, you’ll REALLY love this thing.

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