When can multiple domains help your business?

cars2thumbI’m going to tell you why it might be a good idea to use multiple website addresses for your business. But first, I’m going to tell you about my car.

You see, I love my car. I’ve had it forever and it’s paid off. I can drive to work for just over two weeks on the same tank of gas and the air conditioning still works. This car has been with me longer than my wife and kids.

The problem is that my car no longer accommodates my growing family. It got to the point where my boys, from their places on each side of their baby sister’s carseat, could punch each other with decent accuracy; and I couldn’t just blast Depeche Mode to drown out the screaming. Other motorists judge you. Trust me – they judge. So rather than continue to be the “OMG, I just saw an old guy with tattoos blasting Depeche Mode in the parking lot …his poor wife” Facebook® status update guy, I traded in my dignity and added a minivan to the family fleet…

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