Your personal brand is the new resume

Look, let’s just be honest for a moment. Your personal brand exists even if you don’t pay attention to it. Just like financial credit, its there even if you never think about it. I would go so far as to say spending time working on your personal brand and how you represent yourself on social media is just as important as the work that you do everyday.

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What is personal brand anyway?

Your personal brand is easy to describe when you think of your friends and co-workers, but it’s difficult to think about when you turn the camera on yourself. Here’s an example:

Imagine walking into work and heading for the coffee machine. Think about that co-worker that you see all the time and they’re always talking about their favorite football team. When you see them, you know you can always talk about the game.

For me, it’s tattoos. I have tattoos from my neck down to my knuckles. So, when someone gets a new tattoo and they see me walking around the office, guess who they’re excited to share their new tattoo experience with? I’ll stop and listen to every minute of it, because I love tattoos.

So the easiest way to think about your brand is to think about the conversations you have with people the most. Maybe it’s your pets, fitness and meal prep, or maybe books and movies. It doesn’t take too much thought to figure out the topics for your personal brand.

Wait, my brand is lame and I need to change it.

You’ve done some soul searching and realized you’re not known for what you want to be known for. It happens. The good news is, you can start implementing small adjustments that can have a big impact on your personal brand right away.

Draw out your personal brand wheel.

Your personal brand wheel should look something like this.

Draw a circle in the middle of a blank sheet of paper. That circle represents your personal brand.

Now, draw three lines from that brand wheel in opposite directions. Write down a topic that you’re passionate about at the end of each line. Those are your main brand topics you want to be known for.

Under each topic, write topics you can share about with confidence and passion.

One of my topics is Star Wars. So under that main personal brand topic, i’ll list a few subtopics I can share about, like this:

Star Wars

    • Classic Movies


    • New Movies Gossip


    • Toy Collecting


  • Video Games

Do this same process with each topic and you’re on your way to focusing and really shaping your personal brand.

Now, these topics aren’t locked in and you can still post and share things that are off-topic from your personal brand topics, but decide on three to focus on and you’ll be in great shape.

In my next article, I’ll share how you can take these personal brand topics and use them to start building and joining in communities that share your same interests.

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