Recording a video on your phone

Blogging for non writers

Creating content is a big part of any businesses marketing efforts. You want to get the word out about what you do and how you do it. The easiest way to do that is by telling stories about your customers and your product.

That’s great if you’re comfortable writing. It’s also great if you have the ability to stop time so you can spend some time writing. That’s not always possible in the chaos that makes up the typical day of a small business owner where you’re the CEO (Chief Everything Officer).

Besides time, the other big blocker when it comes to blogging is self-doubt and fear. Writing for some folks can be intimidating. Perhaps you’re an electrician and grammar isn’t your strongest skill set. You can still produce compelling content without ever worrying about that comma.

You have a story to tell. We all do. It’s what humanizes us. It’s what helps us create lasting bonds with the rest of humanity. Stories feed our souls. Don’t let fear stop you from telling yours.

You don’t have to write to create content

Use the video camera in your pocket to create content.

There are few things as powerful as video these days. A good heart-warming video can easily gather millions of views on social media in the course of a few days. We love hearing stories as much as reading them. In some cases, we’ll spend more time watching compelling video over reading a blog post.

If you’re nervous about grammar, try video. Grab your phone and hit record. It’s easy and you already have all of the equipment you need in your pocket. Grab your phone, turn it to selfie mode, and hit record.

A few tips:

Expect a few flubs and edits

The first video I made was a train wreck. I would forget what I was trying to say in the middle of the video. I didn’t feel comfortable. I would stop talking and start over… a lot. It’s ok. It’s normal. My best advice is memorize a few key points and fill in the gaps on the fly. If you memorize a speech or read from a paper, it won’t feel natural.

Keep the recording going and just start over when you miss a line or forget a word. You can easily edit out the mistakes using a video editing software like iMovie. Most phones offer a way to “trim” video right on your phone or device.

Keep it casual

The goal for your video should be a conversational tone. The same way you talk to an acquaintance. You might try inviting someone to come in the room where you’re recording and explain your concept to them while looking at the camera. This can help remind your brain to keep it casual while you’re talking.

Start a podcast

Another fantastic way to grow an army of fans for your business or brand is by starting a podcast. If you’re passionate about restoring old cars, host a weekly podcast that talks about the things you hear frequently from customers.

Discuss tips and techniques that empower your customers so they can solve problems using your advice. By offering free advice, you’re investing in a community of potential customers. By showing them your expertise, you’re setting yourself up as a trusted member of that community. When you do offer a suggestion or solution that you sell/make, customers will automatically trust your product based on your contributions on your podcast.

You don’t need special equipment to start your podcast. A simple microphone like the one that came with your smartphone will work just fine to start. Remember, like recording video content, we’re producing content. Don’t expect perfection, you’ll never be satisfied. Expect to help a potential customer. Be the voice of a customer in your mind and talk to them in your podcast.

Start with, “You might be wondering how to remove rust from your car…”, and go from there. Speak the same way you would explain it to someone who walked through the door to your store.

Creating your own content can be intimidating if you’re not a writer. That’s ok. Using video or a podcast is a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, and products with potential customers without ever thinking about a semicolon.

Everyone has something to share with the world. Don’t let your fear of grammar stop you.

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