Apple clips – the effortless way to caption video for free

I was recently introduced to a new free iOS app that makes captioning video super easy. Apple Clips lets you record video, add effects, and more importantly (for me) automatically adds captions as you record.

It’s no secret that video is king when it comes to getting attention on social media. The problem was that adding captions was somewhat difficult in the past. Your video needs captions because viewers like myself, often watch them with the volume turned off because I work in a shared working space.

So that beautiful video with the awesome sound effects you posted wasn’t fully appreciated. Apple Clips solves that.

Head over to the Apple App Store and look for Apple Clips.

The interface is as simple as it gets.

Press a big red button to record your video. Afterwards you can add effects and stickers to spice it up.

If you’re like me and you’re just looking for a great way to make a video with captions, it’s easy.

Tap the Live Titles icon and select the style of caption you want, and then record. The captions happen as you talk so it’s perfect for getting content published fast. This eliminates the need to use Facebook’s caption feature and spend a few hours getting the captions just right.

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